PhotoNova+: an All-in-One Photo Editing Tool for iOS Devices


Ever wished you could edit or tweak photos right off of your iPhone or iOS device? Think about it: you could make a dark photo brighter, for example, or play around with various filters without having to download your images to a computer and without using desktop software.

PhotoNova+ is an  amazing FREE application available on the iTunes App Store that that allows users to perform countless modifications to their images, including applying filters, frames, textures, and annotation.

With over 120 effects, PhotoNova+ is one of the best free photo-editing applications for iOS devices, and includes many tools that are not found in other applications like Photoshop Express. It even allows users to select different parts of their photos using a Lasso tool and edit them.

Photonova plus screenshot 1Photonova plus screenshot 3Photonova plus screenshot 4

How to use it: this is the kind of app that doesn’t require explanation. Once you run the app you can you can open any image on the device or use the camera to take a quick snapshot. Next, simply play around with the various filters and options to discover the kinds of manipulations you like.

Photonova plus screenshot 2What is interesting with PhotoNova+ us that you can select parts of image to edit, and apply effects to the whole image or to certain parts, fix – remove freckles, and other unwanted items from image, color corrections, share images and much more.

The screenshot on the right, for example shows an application of filter to all but the face area of the image.

Free vs. paid: there is a paid version of PhotoNova+ with more options, but the free version is excellent. There are ads on the main page only,  but it’s hard to think of them as ads as they advertise the paid version of the program.

The Verdict

PhotoNova+ is a really handy application that can take care of the majority of photo editing tasks that you might want to do on the fly, rather on a desktop based editing program. It might not be as good as desktop photo editing tools but still does a fantastic job. I quite like the application as it gives the users quite a range of opertations that can be fun and useful. Be sure to try it out and share your views in the comments section.

Download PhotoNova+ (iOS).