Play and organize your music on Android with MixZing Media Player


MixZing Media Player is a great application for Android OS 1.5 or higher, that will allow you to manage, play, and otherwise interact with your music, video, and playlist files on your Android device.

It is free to download and use, and has tons of useful features, such as audio tag editing, acoustic fingerprint identification for untagged audio files, and new music discovery based on your listening behavior, to name a few.

MixZing Media Player (MZP) is one of the coolest apps of its kind out there. It does all the things you would expect from a standard media player but also has a few bells and whistles that make it worth any mediaphile’s time and data allowance to consider.

Among these are a graphic equalizer for your audio files, Internet connectivity for lyrics and other tag information, and a Pandora ask Mood Player that will automatically create custom playlists and sessions based on your recent music tastes.

MZP reads and employs media tags, which you would expect, but it also has a feature they call Music ID, which will scan and analyze the sound wave data on an audio file, and attempt to recognize it even if it has no tag information or has the wrong tag information associated with it. Additionally, MZP can do a lot of things automatically for you, based on the tag information that is present on your files. That means, kids, that you should attempt to make sure your files have the proper and accurate tag info before doing much else with them. MZP has a built in tag editor, as well, that will let you manually modify the tag information on any given file, should you need to. This is especially handy for those songs that are not present in any common data base, like local bands or more esoteric ones that few people have heard of, like independent labels and such.

MixZing Screen 3MixZing Screen 4

MZP Supports MP3, AAC, MP4 and OGG files, so no matter what format your songs are in, MZP is quite likely to be able to play them. Once you have the right tag info on your songs, you can then have MZP do lots of fun things. One of those fun things is called the MZP Mood Player, which will take a look at your listening history, analyze the tags that are present on those songs, and attempt to build a playlist for you of songs that you enjoy more than others, or songs that are part of a specific “mood” like ‘soft’ or ‘bouncy’ or whatever else you can think of. in addition to the Mood Player, MZP will make use of the tag info on your songs by looking on the internet to find similar artists and songs on things like the Indaba Music site, that will hopefully fit your taste. This is a nice way to discover new music and music from indie artists that you may enjoy the heck out of but would not have heard of without the MZP. The program can also use the identified tag info to search the internet and it’s various databases for lyrics to the songs you have or the one you are currently listening to, and display them on your Android’s screen. It will also try to find things like discographic histories and current news about the band or artist of said songs, as well. This particular feature is still being developed but they already have lyrics available for millions of songs, and are adding more all the time, based on user input. This is a great way to settle the old argument of, “Did they just say ‘I am the satan’ or ‘I am the egg man’ on that song?” and can prove the end to similar discussions.

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While tag information is useful in so many ways, it is still no replacement for your own organizational skills and/or desires. With that in mind, MZP offers you a file browsing option that will let you look at your songs and videos directly in the folders they are stored in, either on the internal memory or the microSD card (if you have one installed). Other automatic options include the ability to save playlists for you (in case you forgot) and to even restore ones that you may have deleted, whether by accident or design. Another nice manual feature is the Lock Screen Widget that will allow you to control the MZP playing functions even while your Android device’s screen is locked. That’s a handy feature to me, just because my phone is usually set to lock the screen after about 30 seconds and most of my songs are a lot longer than that.

MixZing Screen 7MixZing Screen 8

MZP has all of these features, and of course, all the more standard ones you would expect to find on a media player like shuffle, repeat, etc. To my way of thinking, this is a great application and one that is definitely worth a look from anyone who enjoys listening to must on their Android device. Future plans include expanded support for things like video files, and possibly even karaoke files (although the developers were not available to comment on those rumors at the time of this article). Even without any newer innovations, however, MZP is worth your time to try it out and see if you like it.

CONS: as with most of the free apps on the Android and Google Play, it does have some adverts, which can be removed by paying for a registered version of the program, but it is not required to do so, and I have not had any issue with the program even when I was unable to get a signal or internet access on the phone, as opposed to some other players that will require you to be connected to the internet (and use up your data allowance) just to access the program.

All in all, I think MZP is one of the better apps of its kind out there, and I would surely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more advanced, powerful, feature rich application than the standard audio player that comes with Android’s OS. Give it a try and tell me what you think about it in the comments section here! Until next time, my friends.

Get the MixZing Media Player here.