Play Angry Birds for free in your (Chrome) browser


If you’d like to enjoy the unadulterated addictive fun of Angry Birds on your desktop for free (or if you simply like to destroy little green pigs), you now can.

All you need to do is install Google’s Chrome browser, have (or get) a free Google or gmail account, then visit the Chrome App store, and … voila. Angry Birds for free. (Note: there is a standalone desktop version of Angry Birds for Windows, but it costs moola!).

As a former iPhone Angry Birds addict I can confirm that Angry Birds in Chrome, played using the mouse, is almost every bit as playable as the game on a touchscreen device. You can play in SD (standard definition) or in HD (hi definition, Ipad style).

How to get this game: install Chrome if you don’t have it. You will also need a (free) Google or gmail account; if you don’t have one you can get one here; next browse over to the Angry Birds page in the Chrome App store and install.

Angry Birds Chrome Screenshot1Angry Birds Chrome Screenshot2

More notes below:


  • Very playable desktop version: playing with the mouse, rather than your finger, actually works out quite well.
  • Play in SD or HD: although honestly the difference is not all that remarkable.
  • Chrome-specific levels: are promised. However, it may be the case that you need to play and unlock the initial levels to get these, as I wasn’t able to play any.
  • Play offline: I tested this by switching off my internet connection then launching the game. It worked.


  • Doesn’t work on some Chromium derived browsers: namely, ChromePlus, which is my favorite and the default browser that I use at the moment. Rather annoying.
  • Google account: you have to login using your Google account to install the game. Look, they already know everything about you that they possible need to know; go ahead and do it.
  • Playing in HD the game can be a bit sluggish. Which is strange.

The verdict: Angry Birds on the desktop for free. Nuff said.

Compatibility: Requires Chrome and a Google account.

Go to the program home page to download the install the latest version.