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With so many wonderful free flash games out there, did you ever wonder why you couldn’t just play FREE internet flash games on your iOS or Android device? The answer, of course, has to do with support for Flash, or lack of it, on mobile devices.

But while Flash is not-so-slowly dying, it is being replaced by a more open and modern technology, HTML5, supported by modern mobile devices and browsers alike. To sample some FREE HTML5 goodness, head over to, a community-based website that houses a number of free games of all types.

It offers quite a range, many of which can be played on your Android or iOS (or other) device.

As with many community based websites, the games are a mixed bag. You can post reviews and ‘save’ your favorites You can also post high scores and achievements, etc. Screenshot1

Mobile games:

I will say one thing though: it is interesting to play these games on a mobile device and to see that the games support touchscreens etc. Note that the games that are playable on devices are not the same games as you can play in your browser. Screenshot - mobile Screenshot - playing in my Android browser

Honorable mention: Screenshot3 - Newbie Conviction

Newbie conviction is a great, browser-based point-and-click style adventure. Check it out for sure.

Visit for more games. [Thanks Panzer for the tip].