Pleasure Hunt 2: a quick, browser based casual game that is a treat to look at


This is more a ‘toy’ than a game, and is moreover is an advertisement for Magnum ice cream, but we are writing it up because at the very least is is quite an impressive browser-based WebGL demo (in the same vein as those showcased in our recent Chrome Experiments post).

Moreoever, it is pleasant enough as a FREE casual game, and children especially might like it’s its combination of gorgeous graphics and simple game dynamics.

The verdict: while the mini-games and tasks seem simplistic (a frogger-like crossing the road mini-game, running, jumping, and dodging obstacles while grabbing chocolates, etc), the game is polished and visually beautiful, which is what I like about it, and why you will enjoy checking it out.

Please Hunt 2 screenshot4Please Hunt 2 screenshot2

Consisting of only 6 stages, Pleasure Hunt 2 is a casual diversion that can be finished in one sitting and is not designed to provide an engaging gaming experience anyway. I particularly like the way they have implemented Microsoft maps into this. Overall a very nicely done game and very nice to look at.

Please Hunt 2 screenshot5Please Hunt 2 screenshot1

Check out Pleasure Hunt 2.