Pointofix: annotate your screen when giving presentations – easily and for free!


Whether you need to give presentations for business, education, or any other purpose; you know that the best presentations have a large performance or even theatrical component.

And no matter how well prepared you are in advance, there is often the need to explain things on the fly, to outline points and figures, and do ad-hoc illustrations.

Wouldn’t be great if you could draw directly on the screen while you were giving a presentation, using different tools and colors?

PointoFix for Windows is freeware that lets you do exactly that. It works anywhere on any screen, whether you are presenting with Powerpoint, PDF, a web presentation software or whatever.It offers a wide range of tools for on-screen annotation and even lets you save your annotations or print them.

PointoFix Screenshot

Four reasons why I like this software;

  • Offers installable and portable versions both
  • A very wide range of tools
  • Lets you save your annotations, if you find them useful.
  • Offers the option for semitransparent markings and text, which is very useful.

Areas where it can be improved:

  • You have to download the English translation file separately, and then move it into the program folder. No biggie, but doing it from the settings would have been better.
  • CTRL+Z is used as a shortcut for magnification, rather than undo (?), and this does not seem to be changeable. To undo, you need to click on the undo button on the program dialog, which is counter intuitive.

The verdict:

A very nice program. If you give a lot of presentations you should have a copy at hand, in case you need it. The fact that there’s a portable version means that you can plug a USB drive and be up and running with this program anywhere.) More info in English here.