PPT2Video Free: convert Powerpoint presentations to video


Wondershare PPT2Video Free is a free app that can convert PowerPoint files (PPT, PPS, as well as the Office 2007 .PPTX, formats) into video. Specifically it can output to WMV, ASF, Quicktime (.MOV) as well as .MKV video formats.

PPT2Video can preserve and record most elements inside a PowerPoint presentation, including custom animation or transition effects, as well as sound events. It allows a degree of control over the output settings, and output videos can be up to 1280×720 in resolution.

While PowerPoint is a powerful platform to create and disseminate all sorts of content and knowledge in the form of presentations, the explosion of video on the internet presents an opportunity (and a need) to potentially convert PowerPoint files into video in oder to take advantage of the audiences video sharing services can provide.

Or you may just want to convert that PowerPoint slideshow of your kids that grandma sent you to video (and perhaps thereafter to DVD); either way, PPT2Video should get the job done for you.

I should mention that although this software is downgraded from the paid “pro” version that they have on offer, the essential conversion engine in the free version will deliver the goods. More on the differences between free and paid below. Some notes on this program:

  • How it works: you will need PowerPoint installed on your system to use this software. What it does is use PowerPoint to run your presentation through all the way to the end while it captures to video (this happens in the background, with PowerPoint minimized). This means that you would be well advised to close any other running apps (if not 100%, as much as possible).
  • PPT2Video settings screenshotSettings: gives you a number of possible video resolution options, up to 1280×720 (which incidentally is a good resolution for YouTube uploads). Note that YouTube likes H.264 encoder, which is supported by PPT2Video Free and is the default used encoder.
  • The interface: is simple and very easy to use. It is somewhat heavy on action calls to buy the pro version though, which is somewhat annoying but not too much.
  • Output formats: WMV, ASF, Quicktime (.MOV) as well as .MKV video formats. AVI and MP4 are both not provided, but you can easily convert to those if you absolutely have to have them using a wide range of video converters, such as Automen, Handbrake, Internet Video Converter, etc.
  • Embedded video: if you have a video embedded into your PowerPoint presentation it may or may not end up being recorded in the output video. This depends on whether it plays automatically or has to be initiated by the user. During my test my PowerPoint embedded FLV did not make it to the output video.
  • Differences from the paid (pro) version: no batch conversion in the free version, so you will have to convert each one of your PowerPoint files one by one. No AVI or MP4 output formats, and no video sizes larger than 1280×720.
  • Converting to DVD: once you have a video, use the awesome freeware DVDFlick to burn it to DVD.

The verdict: an excellent general purpose PowerPoint to video converter that works well. Don’t be bothered by the fact that it does not convert to AVI or FLV, or even to DVD, as you can always use freeware to get there if that is your final destination.

Note that you will need a registration code, which you can get on the developer’s side in return for your name and email address.

For more PowerPoint to video/DVD options check out my previous article How to convert PowerPoint to DVD for free.

Version tested: 6.1.1

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires PowerPoint.

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. 6.1.1 of the program here.