Process Tamer


Process Tamer is a process monitor that temporarily lowers the priority of CPU-intesive applications, preventing them from crashing your system or making it unresponsive. It acts automatically whenever it is needed.

Picture this: you are running an application that is resource intensive, say processing an image or video through multiple filters or rendering a 3D object, when the computer suddenly ‘hangs’ or becomes unresponsive or extremely slow, forcing you to interrupt the program and/or reboot.

This most likely happens because the running application moves quickly to gobble up all of your system’s CPU resources, making it impossible for the CPU to handle anything else at that time.

ptProcess Tamer is a small utility that runs in the background and monitors your system for any programs that might want to stake such a claim on your CPU’s processing capacity. If it finds such a program it proceeds to lower it’s CPU priority, effectively preventing it from taking over. It does not shut down the offending application, which means that the application is still running without being able to claim the processing capacity that it would have normally. It will automatically increase the application’s system priority when the app is no longer staking an inflated claim on resources.

Should you WANT a certain application to claim a certain amount of your CPU resources, Process Tamer allows you to set rules that tell it exactly how you would like it to act in relation to any particular app (ignore it, allow above average priority, below average, kill it, etc.)

Note: this program is registerware; it will ask you to obtain a free registration code. In order to do so, you will have to supply an email address for it to be mailed to. If you do not want to supply your email address you can use mailexpire to get a temporary one. This program may be extremely valuable to you if you work with processing-intesive applications that often make your system unstable. For myself, I have found that process tamer works really well in preventing some of my MS Excel macros that routinely crash my machine form doing so.

Version tested: 2.08.01

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