ProcessQuicklink 2: provides instant info on running process, straight from Windows’ Task Manager


This free utility is brought to you by the people behind the website. What it does is tweak the Windows Task Manager to add a little green button next to each process in the process list (see screenshot), which when clicked instantly searches for information on the process you are interested in.

ProcessQuicklink 2 is a tiny app that comes in at less that I meg of memory usage. Process information appears on the website in your browser.

You may be wondering as to who might need an app like this, so here’s a list

  • People, like myself, who install a whole lot of software and frequently like to check out what is going on in their system
  • Anyone who may be investigating an issue such as erratic windows behavior or potential malware.
  • Ubergeeks in general.

Search box: one thing that appears in the screenshots on the developers’ site that does not appear in my screenshot is a little searchbox built into the Task Manager that can be used to quickly search the site. I am unsure as to whether that function was since removed or if it simply didn’t work on Windows 7 64bit (where I tested). In any case hope that it is optional, as it seems like too much clutter in the little space that is the task manager.

The verdict: I will have to tip my hat to the people at for such a brilliant idea so well implemented. I am unclear, however, as to whether this website ranks amongst the most comprehensive of its kind, as it seems that most of the processes on my system simply found no match in their database, necessitating a Google search in order to get any kind of info.

Still, at under 1 meg in memory I am willing to give this little utility a chance and let it live on on my system and hope that this app helps build up their library. Also it is just so super cool to click a button to get info on a process!

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Requires Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 412K).