Protect your system from malware and look up unknown processes with Advanced Win Service Manager


Ever found yourself wondering about an unfamiliar process or service on your machine? Or maybe you are curious about all of the different programs running in the background and would like a quick overview that can give you an idea about what’s what. If so, then this software is for you; Advanced Win Service Manager will help you protect your system by monitoring and reporting on the running services on your Windows system.

It has numerous features, including a portable version, instant internet searches for unknown processes, and an easy to read color coding system to indicate potential threat levels.

I’ve heard some pretty awful horror stories about people having their computers ruined from malware or viruses. I’ve had a few moments myself where I was confronted with an unexpected and unfamiliar attack that wound up doing some real damage to files that I needed.

There are so many different programs out there that can be more than just an annoyance, and can actually ruin files or in extreme and rare cases even ruin the hardware. So, it’s never a bad idea to keep up on the available ways to protect yourself and keep an eye or an ear on the latest software for that purpose.

Advanced Win Service Manager, aside from having a great acronym that sounds like ‘awesome’, is a great simple program I recently took a look at, designed to help protect your system by giving you what they call a more intelligent and useful monitoring system for services running on your computer at any given time.

AWSM Screen 1AWSM Screen 5

For those who may not know, there are (at least) two things that run on Windows a lot of the time, called applications and services. Applications are, essentially, program packages like games and media players, all those .exe files that are the core of what you are trying to accomplish at any one time on the system. Services are a bit harder to describe without using a lot of technical jargon, but my best explanation is that they are programs that run in the background, the programs that make applications work, and that make Windows itself work. They are the support structure of your Windows based computer, and therefore it’s a popular place for malware and viruses to hide. Many monitoring type programs are only designed to scan running applications and can miss suspicious programs that are running as services.

AWSM Screen 4AWSM Screen 3

Advanced Win Service Manager will scan the services running,whenever you want it to, just run the program and hit the refresh button. It will automatically attempt to discern if a given service is harmless or is a potential threat. If a possible threat is detected, it will alert you and, using a very easy to learn color coding system it will show what threat level it has found. It can discover rootkits and it’s got a completely portable version included with the download so you can run it from a USB drive if needed. There are a few different filters you can use to scan only certain kinds of services like core or third party, and the report can be generated as an HTML or XML file. When you want to scan a given item for analysis it will give you a few choices for what online service to use (like VirusTotal or Google) and then provide the requested report. It’s very easy to use and if you’re considering beefing up your security and scan levels, I would recommend having a look at this one. It’s totally free so you’ve nothing to lose and it might just find something you need to know about. Until next time, my friends.

Get AWSM here (Windows).