Publish and share your personal or professional calendar schedule for free, with PubMyCal


In our modern world, there is a lot of value in making sure that everyone is on the same page, whether you are a Professor at a college or a Home-maker that has three kids to manage and get out the door every day.

PubMyCal is a great website that can be a huge help in organizing events across many different groups. It connects with your Google calendar, is totally free and is very simple to learn.

PubMyCal makes it easy to coordinate your students, family, or whatever group that depends on you for something by allowing you to keep an online calendar and share it with specific people you choose so they always know what your business day looks like, in regards to them and to availability as well.

PubMyCal allows you to create a totally free account (without toolbars or ad bars to dodge), which you can connect to your Google Calendar account, and then enter information such as meetings, classes, appointments of any kind you need to make sure your group is aware of. For college it can be a published reading list in the form of a  Google calendar.

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There are tons of applications for it, as long as you want to share a schedule of events with a group of people that you have email addresses for. Once you enter the information for your calendar, you will be able to review it in any increment you like, as well as seeing how it matches up to US holidays or to a previous agenda. You can share it via email by entering the list of people you want it send to, as often as you like or as often as updates or changes dictate. That’s really all there is to it. Simple, fast, easy, but a life saver for those of us trying to keep more than two people organized and in sync. You could even use PubMyCal to create and email a work schedule to your employees (or your workmates, if you just want to be helpful) as just one possible application.

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The  webapp suffers from the one typical drawback that all webapps suffer from; the fact that you must have to have internet access to access your data. Nevertheless, this is now the trend, and the social world is changing and we have to either go with that wave or get swept aside by it. The attraction of web apps for developers probably has to do with being able to get something for their freely available tools by being able to gather advertising revenue (and I really don’t see anything wrong with that as long as it isn’t intrusive or sneaky), as well as being able to identify demographic information. Personally, I think it’s just another trend we will have to deal with, because lets face it, tools like this one can be extremely useful, and the fact that they are offered for free is something to be grateful for. Until next time, my friends.

[Thanks go to user Panzer for the tip about this service].

Check out PubMyCal here.