Publish your very own image surveys on Facebook, Twitter, or your own website with Survey Legend Free


Survey Legend is a fun online service that will let you create your own image-basedsurveys. You can share them on your website, on your Facebook page, or share a link to your survey on Twitter when you’re done, and view the results in real time when people answer them.

The Internet is offering cookie cutter methods to do nearly anything these days and surveys are no exception.There are probably more surveys on the Internet these days than there are grains of sand at your average beach.

Survey Legend tries to bring the whole concept of online surveys to a new, more effective and more entertaining level by offering you the chance to create your own surveys, based on images.

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That’s right, instead of the standard text question after text question, with little circles to fill in with a #2 pencil, Survey Legend lets you create surveys that are entirely built on image content questions. This idea at it’s most basic provides a more engaging experience for the person taking the survey, and at more complex levels allows a whole different kind of information to be gathered.

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While the days of being assaulted by a smartly dressed college student holding a clipboard at the local shopping mall and being asked to answer fifty questions about a specific graham cracker or movie trailer are not completely gone, they are moving slowly to the background of social history, and the online survey has come to take it’s place. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own surveys, to gather whatever information or data you’re interested in, you’ve probably tried at least one or two programs or ideas for doing so. Survey Legend brings the capability to publish your image based surveys (and the results, if you like) on your own website, or on social sites like Facebook, or embed them in nearly any page that you have access to modify. Additionally you can store them in the cloud for later use or editing if you choose, and you don’t even need to fill anything out to sign up, if you already have one of the many social accounts they support.


Survey Legend does have a few different options for purchasing a specific license to use their software, and many of them may be great deals, but the free “starter” version is the one I looked at of course. The free version offers you up to 100 responses you can collect. You’ll also get the option to gather up to five different email addresses from those who take your surveys (in case you want to contact them for follow up or future surveys) and the aforementioned publishing options online. The only real downside, besides the third party ads you will see on your free surveys,  is the fact that those limitations are in place, but you’ll get unlimited use within those bounds.

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Overall, I found Survey Legend to be an interesting idea, and a competent bit of software for creating surveys that are graphically rooted instead of being a flood of words and punctuation marks. For personal use, the free Starter version is more than adequate to not only entertain you while making surveys, but to entertain those taking them as well. Until next time, my friends.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for tipping us off about this service].

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