PureText is a small app that runs in the background and provides the functionality of pasting whatever was copied into the clipboard (using a user-definable hotkey) as simple text without any of the formatting of the original.

There are 2 kinds of people who will read this; the first group will be wondering why anybody in the world would want this functionality, while people in the second group are merely thinking “AHA! – where do I download this!”.

Either way, here’s what you need to know about this program:

  • It removes rich formatting from text, including font, stlye, color, paragraph styles, margins, character spacing, bullets, subscript/superscript, tables, charts, pictures, hyperlinks and embedded objects.
  • The actual text is not altered.
  • New lines, carriage returns, tabs, and other white space is preserved unchanged. Word wrap will NOT be fixed.
  • There are 2 ways that you can use Puretext. The easiest is to use the hotkey (Windows key+V by default) to paste the clipboard contents minus formatting. The user can change the hotkey as desired.
  • The second way is to copy something to the clipboard, click on the Puretext icon in the system tray (which will strip the clipboard contents of all formatting), then paste normally using CTRL-V.
  • PureText is a single executable that does not need to be installed. You can use a program like Starter to make it start with Windows if you want.

This is a very simple program that does a very simple thing which many people will nonetheless find extremely useful.

Version tested: 2.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to download the latest version.