Put a beautiful and useful analogue clock on your desktop with Blaiz Chimer


Blaiz Chimer is an analogue clock program that also has more than twenty built in utilities for your day to day file needs. It’s loaded with features for alarms and different visuals, and costs absolutely nothing to download or use.

Hardly anyone I know these days uses an analogue clock for anything unless they happen to be in school or another structured institution that has wall clocks. Personally I have always felt that analogue clocks have a certain charm that digital time-telling just can’t compare with.

While it may take another moment or two to work out what the time is when checking an analogue cock instead of a digital one, I think that extra moment or two is worth it for the aesthetic qualities. Blaiz Chimer is a program that will simulate an analogue clock right on your desktop.

Chimer Screen 2

It’s got quite a few different options and looks that can be applied via the options menu to change the overall appearance of the clock so it will suit your preferences better and quit a few handy utility programs built right in to help you with your day to day computing tasks.

Chimer Screen 1Chimer Screen 8

The Blaiz Chimer is a bit different from many of the other similar programs I have tried. It has all the standard options you might expect in a clock program, including a number of different options for setting alarms with your specifications. You have the choice of a standard ‘chime’ or other alert sound effect or you can have the clock play a music file (most commonly .mp3s) or even begin shuffling your entire music directory if you like. In fact, according to the web site and the menus, there are eighteen different visual styles for the clock face and more than thirty different chime and other sounds, including ships bells. Essentially, Blaiz Chime has you covered for all your desktop clock needs.

Chimer Screen 5Chimer Screen 6

As if being all the analogue clock it can possibly be isn’t enough, Chimer also has a ton of utility programs built into it to make your desktop life easier. For instance, there’s an .mp3 player standalone feature. There’s an image viewer, a text to image converter, an audio editor and even an E-card creator. There’s so many different utility programs attached and included with Chimer that it almost acts as a portable USB toolbox all by itself, without even adding anything else. While you won’t find any of the heavy utilities like system analysis or overclocking tools, some of the very basic tools that are included may wind up being awfully useful and convenient to have at hand on a portable drive. If you’re running the Chimer as an install on your system, you may not have as much need or opportunity to use the various extra tools but they will still be there, and who knows, you may find you like the audio editor included with Chimer better than the one you’ve been using all this time, anyway.

Chimer Screen 7

Blaiz Chime can either be installed on your system or can be run as a portable program, if you’d rather. This means it can be taken with you in your USB toolkit so you’ve got access to the clock as well as the utilities at any time, no matter where you are, as long as you have the USB drive with you. With all the different options and tools included with it, along with the fact that it costs nothing to download and use, it goes to the top of my list when it comes to programs of secondary importance on my system. The visual aspect spruces up my desktop, the chimes remind me of an earlier time in my life, and the utility programs are quite well constructed, even if you only use them occasionally. This one is a winner in my book, without question so go download it and see if it works for you. Until next time, my friends.

Get Blaiz Chimer here (Windows).