QT Address Bar


QT Address Bar is an explorer extension that brings to Windows XP a folder “breadcrumbs” navigation functionality (an interactive folder hierarchy structure that is flat and can be navigated at every node in the path).

QT Address bar is brought to you by the same developer behind QT Tab Bar, one of my favorite explorer extensions. It is similar to Explorer Breadcrumbs in that they both bring to Windows XP the folder breadcrumbs functionality first introduced in Windows Vista.

The breadcrumb bar explained: imagine a folder path (say “C:Program FilesMediaMonkeyPlugins”).In a breadcrumb bar each node (i.e. section separated by “”) is clickable and, once clicked, produces an interactive drop down menu of all locations that are immediately accessible from that node (see screenshot).

The verdict: this is a very useful program; once (and if) you get used to navigating the folder breadcrumbs it will be hard to not have it on your computer. I like QT Address Bar slightly better than Explorer Breadcrumbs because this one functions both as an address bar and breadcrumb bar (it behaves like an address bar but once you click the little arrow on the right hand side of the dialog it turns into a breadcrumb bar). I like this because it allows me to eliminate Windows’ own address bar and therefore to reduce clutter.

Version tested: 0.9.2

Compatibility: Windows XP, Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or later.

Go to the developer’s page to get the latest version (approx 80K). [Thanks to reader Angel Ezquerra for telling me about this program].