QuakeLive: Quake3 re-incarnated in your browser, completely free


Quake III is back! And completely free to play, right here in your web browser. For the uninitiated, this is a classic first person shooter.

Quake Live is pretty much the second coming of Quake 3. Developed by ID Software, and playable in full screen, this old dog has not learned many new tricks.

Those familiar with this titles roots are going to feel right at home. The gamer runs the halls of otherworldly levels, and frags whatever stands in his way.

It’s good old gaming fun. As an online game, Quake Live in pretty much multiplayer exclusive. Set in a Gothic techno-verse, this series macabre appeal is still here.

QuakeLive Screenshot1QuakeLive Screenshot2

  • Graphics: Quake Live may not sport the highest polygon count, but the character models and gloomy environments are still eye catching. Everything is well polished, from the the walls to the weapons. This is a very cohesive game world. From castle walls to animated jump pads, everything looks good. Those familiar with the Quake III engines many offspring know what to expect, this engine has been responsible for great titles like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  • Gameplay: Quake Live is a straight forward, multiplayer, first person shooter. It’s fast, frenetic, and brutal. With only a few game modes (like Death Match and Capture the Flag) no new ground is being broken. That’s fine, its still fun as sin. The levels are the best and brightest of Quake III’s classic collection, with slight updates. As a simple shooter, learning to play takes mere minutes, so new gamers will have an extraordinary easy time learning the ropes.
  • Sound: is about as professionally done as it gets. The sounds never detracts from the players immersion, instead enhances every jump, shot, and death. Weapon effects are familiar, damage sounds satisfying, and the helpful (and very angry) announcer keeps player aware of important match developments. Quake III sounded great, and Quake Live is more of the same.
  • Logistics: you will have to register for an account (using a valid email), and download and install a browser plugin (approx 6.5 megs or so).

Quake Live is great. Technically its still in open beta testing, but this late in it’s development cycle that’s really just a technicality. In game advertising is expected to finance the game, but its hard to imagine it’ll detract much from such a solid title. With great matchmaking, flawless stability, Quake Live is easy to recommend.

Compatibility: For the moment Quake Live is only compatible with PC’s running Internet Explorer and Firefox. Plans to port it to the Mac and Linux platforms have been announced.

Go to the QuakeLive Page to play; (approx 6.5 megs download required).