QwikTulz: add a number of unique functions to the right click context menu


QwikTulz is a free Explorer extension that can add a number of interesting functions to Windows’ right-click context menu, including save directory to ISO image, convert folder to drive, open with custom text editor, view/save/check MD5 Hash, convert across BAT/COM/EXE files, copy path, open DOS prompt, and others.

It also offers standalone or command line options for some of these , such as the ISO creation, MD5 Hash functions, and EXE/COM/EXE conversions.

I’m always in the market for cool and interesting functions to add to the right-click context menu. If you are like me you might want to check out QwikTulz, a context menu enhancement that offers an interesting range of context menu functions, from the standard “copy path to clipboard” and “DOS prompt here” to the rather unusual (and to me more interesting) “Save Directory to ISO image file” and “Convert Directory into new drive”, with a smattering of other functions in between. Here are more notes on these:

  • QwikTulz Screenshot check desired functionsMix and match functions: you can pick only those functions that you like and want to use; simply check/uncheck as appropriate (see image to the right).
  • Dos prompt here/Windows Explorer here/New Folder Here/Copy Path to Clipboard: self explanatory, I think.
  • Convert Directory into new drive: this will create a virtual hard drive volume in “My Computer” that contains the files from the directory that was used to create it. You can both read and write to this new drive, and can specify the drive letter on creation; however it does NOT survive a reboot. If you are interested in creating “permanent” drive shortcuts from folders check out Visual Subst.
  • QwikTulz Screenshot QuickIsoSave directory to ISO: very useful if you need to convert folders to ISO images frequently, on the spot. I personally use Imgburn to do this when I need it but this function gets a nod for being one of the most original I have seen in a context menu for some time. Note: you can also run the standalone utility QwikISO – installed with QuikTulz – that provides this function as well (see image to the right).
  • View/save/check MD5 Hash: if you know what this is and use MD5 Hash numbers you may be very excited by this functionality accessed from the context menu. If not, then you probably will not want this. MD5 is a kind of digital signature that can identify files and check to see if they were changed from last time it was calculated. Go here for more info.Note: (1) you can perform MD5 functions on individual files or in batch/for entire directories, and (2) you can run the standalone utility QwikHash that provides this function as well.
  • Open in notepad/text editor: opens text files in notepad or alternately in the
    text editor of your choice.
  • Convert across BAT/COM/EXE formats: again, a function that may excite some users and leave others scratching their heads. Note: QwikTulz also provides for command line conversions across BAT, COM, and EXE formats.
  • Note on uninstalling: remove (uncheck) all context menu entries from the QwikTulz interface first before uninstalling; otherwise you will end up with leftover context menu entries that don’t work.

The verdict: a very interesting collection of context menu tools. Offers a range of functions for both the average and advanced users, and the fact that you can pick and choose the functions you want displayed in your context menu is a great plus. A very interesting freeware offering overall!

Version Tested: 1.1.2

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 1.5 megs).