RadWinMan enhances the Windows shell by adding extra window management functions such as windows roll-up, minimizing to system tray, automatic resize, snap to other windows, window transparency, always on top, and a few others.

This program includes most of the functions mentioned in my recent posting entitled “4 Utilities that tweak working with open windows” (thanks Radad for mentioning RadWinMan in the comments).

I have been using RadWinMan for about a week and like it immensly; here’s why:

  • It offers a very nice combination of functions, and yet …
  • You do NOT get the sense that everything is in there but the kitchen sink like other shell enhancement programs that tend to overwhelm you with options.
  • Consumes a mere 4 megs in memory.

Here are descriptions of program usage (mostly) taken from the program’s website:

  • Right click on title to send the window to the back.
  • Double click on title to roll-up the window.
  • Right click on minimize button sends the window to the tray.
  • Right click on maximize button to display some resize options.
  • Ctrl + Left Click on border to move the window.
  • Always on top button on the title bar
  • Support for window transparency (right click on the window on the taskbar).
  • Reports the current position as a window is moved, and the current size as a window is resized.
  • Holding Alt while moving/sizing a window will snap to other windows.

Additionally, to access many of RadWinMan’s functions simply right click on the window within the taskbar. Also note that in order to start this program with windows you have to manually add it to the startup folder (or use a program like Starter).

The verdict: I really like this program; in fact I see it on the list of programs to be immediately installed whenever I re-install windows (which the reason I am giving it a “pick” rating).

Version tested: pick

Compatibility: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 98K).