Read Google Reader feeds in-line on the same page, with “Google Reader Inline” Chrome extension


Do you use Google Reader? If so, did you ever wish that you could click on a post and view it right then and there without without opening separate Windows?

If so, then check out Google Reader Inline (aka GRIwsome), an extension for the Chrome browser that enables users to view RSS posts as popup Windows right inside Google Reader, providing an entirely new reading experience that is more immediate and more intuitive than the default Google Reader experience.

Google Reader Inline Screenshot2

How to use: once you install Google Reader Inline extension for Chrome, go into Google Reader. When hovering over any post you will see a little magnifying glass icon (see below); once clicked, the post will open in-line in a Window that hovers over your current window. Click outside of it to dismiss.

Google Reader Inline Screenshot1

The verdict: this is a great option that I think many Google Reader users will appreciate. I also like that it doesn’t take over your Google Reader experience such that you are free to open articles within browser windows and tabs if you wish.The bottom line: this a great little addition to Google Reader that I recommend.

Get Google Reader Inline for Chrome [thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip].