Read RSS feeds in a wide range of AWESOME layouts, with Good Noows


RSS subscriptions are a great way to catch up with all the different sites and blogs that you like to follow.

If you are looking for a great way to aggregate and read your feeds in a single place then check out Good Noows, which offers multiple reading layouts to choose from, such as Twitter feed style, Pinterest pinboard style, as well as a host of others including magazine and newspaper layouts.

Good Noows is a handy online RSS reader that allows users to keep track of all their favorite blogs and websites in a simple and easy to use interface. You can add your favorite websites to the reader, customize the layout from a wide range of options, and integrate Good Noows in Google Chrome as a web app.

It can also import OPML files from other aggregators (such as Google Reader, for example), making it very easy to switch.

GoodNoows 1

A Wide Range of Layouts

What is remarkable about Good Noows is the range of styles and layouts that it has on offer, not just your typical ‘Magazine’ or ‘Newspaper’ layouts but Pinterest-like ‘PinBoard’, Twitter-feed style, and a number of other for twelve in total at the time of this writing. The screenshot below attempts to give a bird’s eye view of all of the different layouts side by side.

Good Noows styles

Setting up

You can sign up using your email address or login using Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn account. After logging in, it will present the default newsstand, with it’s clean and simple interface (see above).

Now, let’s take a look on how to setup Good Noows and add different news sources. If you’ve used Google Reader you can export an OPML file from Google Reader and import it into Good Noows to transfer them instantly.

Otherwise, when you log in for the first time, it will show you different websites from many different categories like Health, Travel, Technology, etc. You can check all the websites you want to add to your Newsstand. From the right sidebar, you can even customize the layout that meets your requirements ranging from blocks to magazine style and much more. If there is any website that you cannot find in the list, you can manually add it using its RSS URL or simply the website URL.


After adding the sources, it will open up a Settings pop up from where you can change the font size, language, select whether you want to open the feed in a new window or in the same window and more. You can even change the frequency of the times the service updates and add stories to the list.

Goodnoows 4

Clicking on the feed will open the article without any annoyances or clutter. Good Noows is integrated with different social networking tools as well to make sharing articles simple and easy.

GoodNoows 3

In Conclusion

Compared to other RSS reading apps on the internet, Good Noows is easy to use, simple and doesn’t require much work. The major plus point is the wide range of layouts and ample customizations possible, such as font size and others.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Google Reader good news is a worthy alternative and can go head to head with any other RSS reader app available on the internet.

One major drawback, though, is that Good Noows does not offer iOS and Android apps, leaving that space wide open for the many RSS/magazine type apps that are coming out an an increasing pace. We sincerely hope that they have plans to release mobile apps, as we really like this service.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section if you used Good Noows.

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