Readefine may be the best desktop-based Google Reader client


Let’s face it: Google Reader is the world’s foremost RSS aggregator. If you do use it, you may have seen a number of desktop clients and browser extensions that tweak it’s layout, attempt to beautify it, and make it more accessible via a newspaper style interface. That, in a nutshell, is what this free Adobe Air app for Windows, Mac, and Linux does.

Readefine doesn’t do anything too spectacular: it doesn’t have a million layouts to choose from, but it’s magazine-style layout is great. Articles are displayed on the screen in pages, newspaper-style, with previous page and next page arrows giving access to the next batch of articles. Built-in sharing buttons let you star articles or share them on Instapaper, Read It Later (aka Pocket), and on Twitter, and keyboard shortcuts make reading efficient and quick for those who are inclined to use them. Overall, an excellent

Readefine Screenshot1

There’s not much to say about this one aside from what has been said above. I personally like the sharing function, especially as I use the awesome Pocket (Read-It-Later) on both my PC and Android device. I am not really inclined to use keyboard shortcuts much so I cannot say too much about that.

Readefine Screenshot2

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

I’ve personally tried a handful of Google Reader desktop clients, and I must say I really like this one the most and keep going back to it. Overall, a great program that I highly recommend if you use Google Reader.

Ge Readefine here (Windows, Linux, Mac; Adobe Air required).