Registry Distiller


Registry Distiller is a free registry cleaner that will optimize your system by removing obsolete and incorrect information from the registry, resulting in a faster computer that is less prone to errors.

The Windows registry is a database that stores settings, options and preferences pertaining to the operating system, software and hardware on a PC. Depending on what you do with your computer, the registry can grow cosiderably; in my experience, the registry tends to grow much like an untended garden.

With time, especially if you install and/or uninstall a lot of software (like I do) it will invariably contain obsolete or incorrect information. These can slow your system’s performance and cause errors and/or crashed.

If your system is sluggish or slow it very well may be due to registry problems. (Note that you should consider other reasons first, including: spyware/malware, a fragmented hard drive, faulty memory, too many programs running at once competing for your system resources, problems with your drivers).

Here’s what you need to know about this program.

  • Very simple program: 1-click registry scan, afterwhich you can check which invalid entries you want removed (or select all).
  • Registry Distiller keeps a backup log of all removed registry entries. You can use this to revert back to the pre-cleaning state if you wish

I took a stab at evaluating this program simply by comparing it to RegSupreme Pro, an excellent registry cleaner which alas is not free. I scanned my laptop with RegSupreme Pro under ‘normal’ mode and saved the list of entries found to a text file (about 250 entries). Note that scanning using RegSupreme Pro’s advanced mode rendered 700 entries, and I decided not to compare against that.

Next I scanned the same system with Registry Distiller and copied the list of entries found (approx 200 entries). I then cleaned and compared the 2 lists (I am very good at manipulating text strings; its part of my job). The result: the Registry Distiller list was a subset of the RegSupreme Pro list on normal mode. After this, I went back and cleaned the registry with Registry Distiller, then made another scan with RegSupreme Pro; predictably, the list of invalid entries went down from 250 to approx. 50 items. This, as far as I am concerned is an excellent result for a free registry cleaner. I also did a scan using TonyArts EasyCleaner 2.0 which resulted in a very low 7 invalid entries found subsequent to the Registry Distiller cleaning.

I’ve been looking for some time for a good, free registry cleaner, and Registry Distiller may well br it. Note that I am not an expert on the Windows registry and my evaluation of this software as documented above is by no means systemic or scientific. Nonetheless I’m going to give this program (which is still in beta) the benefit of the doubt and a 5 star rating.

Version tested: 1.0 Beta

Compatibility: Win NT/2000/2003/XP.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version.