Remove clutter from web pages and make them easy to read with Clearly for Chrome


The internet is choc full of great content, but it also has a knack of bombarding you with all sorts of visual stimulation, from links to ads to buttons, videos, images, and everything else.

If you’ve ever wished that you could clean up a page and just focus on the content then check out Clearly, a Chrome extension that can make your reading experience a lot more pleasant.

Apart from cleaning web pages and removing clutter, Clearly also allows users to save web pages to Evernote as well.
What your page will look like

The following is a quick screenshot of how an article on this blog will look like with clearly. (Note that although you do not see in the screenshot, images are preserved).


How to Use Clearly

First of all, install Clearly from Google Chrome Web Store. Once installed, a small icon will appear right next to your address bar in Google Chrome.


Now, open any web page you want to read and click on Clearly button. It will automatically remove all the clutter from the web page and will provide you with the text in a neat and clean interface. If you want, you can save the web page to your Evernote account as well by clicking on Evernote button in the sidebar. If you want, you can use keyboard shortcuts to view pages with Clearly. To change default shortcuts, just go to Clearly options and change them to whatever suits you.

Clearly 2 - Evernote

Changing Themes

If you are not satisfied with the interface and look of the page, you can customize the theme and change it according to your own preferences. Just click on Show Themes icon in Clearly sidebar and it will show you custom templates to choose from.

Clearly 3 - Themes

If you want you can even create your own custom theme as well. Just click on Custom theme and it will redirect you to Clearly option where you can change settings like color scheme, font, font size, etc.

My Verdict

If you are an avid blog reader, then Clearly is a must have extension for you. While there are other extensions that do pretty much the same thing, Clearly has some appeal in it’s simplicity and the fact that it just works. However, if you happen to be an Evernote user, then Clearly is a must, because it will let you save your cleaned up pages right into Evernote for later reading.

If you try this or already use it, please share your views using the comments section below.

Download Clearly (Chrome).