Remove security program and clean up aborted uninstalls, with AppRemover


Have you ever tried to uninstall your anti-virus software, only to find out that the very software you were trying to uninstall was preventing you from uninstalling it? AppRemover is a simple program designed specifically to overcome such issues.

AppRemover is a free, portable app that designed to remove your installed security software cleanly and leave nothing behind. It is perfect for switching from one security application to another, when competing security applications restrict your ability to work with your computer, and the like.

When attempting to uninstall (or remove) a program that is designed for security, the most common issue is that the very program you are trying to uninstall will recognize this attempt as an attack upon the general security of your system, as well as on the specific security of that program and will attempt to prevent such a thing. Whether it is anti-spy/ad/mal/junkware or anti-virus or some other security type program, AppRemover is specially designed and meant to handle those specific issues and remove all vestiges of said security program with hardly any effort on your part at all.


The first step is to download AppRemover, which takes less than a minute on any decent broadband connection. Another bit of good news is that it requires no actual installation itself, as the .exe can be run directly without effecting any changes in your registry or program lists. That also means it can be run from a portable source, such as a flash drive or other external source. Once you’ve run the program it will ask you what type of help you need, either uninstallation of a security program or an attempt to remove the remnants of an aborted or failed attempt to install such.

AppRemover Screenshot2

Once you’ve chosen the action you want, AppRemover does a pretty comprehensive sweep of your system, searching for secuirty programs of all types and then offers a listing of those programs. In some cases, it may list more than one program that can be uninstalled in ‘batch’ fashion, one right after the other without the user having to do anything in between, but in most cases you’ll need to run AppRemover again for each program you want ‘cleaned’ or removed from your system. Simply click the program you want removed, click ‘next’ and Appremover handles the rest. It is, as they say, as easy as falling off a log. The results will leave you with a system and registry that is clean as a proverbial whistle, at least in regards to the security program you removed.

That’s it, really. This is freeware at it’s absolute best: simple, fast, easy, and without hidden costs of any kind. I’d definitely suggest this program to anyone who has need it, so go check it out! Until next time, my friends!

  • Get AppRemover here.