Repair ‘converging line’ perspectives in photographs with ShiftN


Do you have a lot of photographs of buildings or landscapes? If so, read on, because this program can potentially make these a lot prettier and more intuitively appealing with the click of a single button.

Converging lines in photographs, especially architectural photographs or those of vertical structures, are a common fault caused by an angled vantage point at the time of taking a picture.

Repairing this glitch, for many photographers (esp. architectural photographers) involves spending hours on Photoshop trying to fix it. Alternately, this free program can apply a fix in a single click, saving hours of manual editing, and allowing for the quick processing of many images in a very short period of time.

ShiftN ScreenshotShiftN before and after

How to use: simply load your picture and process via ‘automatic correction’, which should do it. Otherwise you could use ‘adjust correction’ to manually fiddle with the settings a little bit. As simple as that.

There is a slight price to pay, however: your resulting image will be slightly cropped, which is unavoidable. See the examples on this page.

Examples: (all processed using automatic correction)

Before After ShiftN
Example 2 before Example 2 after ShiftN
Example 3 before Example 3 after ShiftN

The verdict: a wonderful little program, and remarkably fast (it will utilize multiple processors if present). It might have a marginally small audience, but for those of us who have a lot of architectural photography and who can use it, it is simply a gem. (See the ShiftN Flickr group here).

Version tested: 3.6

Compatibility: Windows All. Download the appropriate version for your OS.

Go to the program page to download (~approx. 5.66 megs for the Windows 7 version).