Resize any window with ResizeEnable


ResizeEnable is a small, free windows hack that gives you the ability to resize any window by dragging and dropping its lower right corner – including those windows that normally do not allow you to resize them.

Reasons why you would need a program like this (a) if a program’s windows exhibit strange behaviors when run under different resolutions from the one used by the programmer, a program like this can be a lifesaver in that it will allow you to resize the window such that it works for you (b) sometimes if you have an unusual screen resolution some windows may behave strangely, or (c) because you can, and you would like to be able to change any windows size at will for whatever reason.

More info on this program:

  • Nothing to install; just unzip and run whenever needed (you will need to run it before the window you want to resize is created, though).
  • Takes up around 5 megs in memory
  • Will sometimes result in strange window behavior on attempting a resize. The window should revert back to normal behavior when it is reopened, though.
  • It can identify windows that can be resized in order not to interfere with them.
  • It will identify windows that reset their size and indicate that these cannot be sized.
  • Can be run without the icon in the tray menu (using the -noicon commandline flag).

All told this is a nice resource to have. Personally I prefer Sizer as my utility of choice to do window resizing (I like pre-sets), but I also like the fact that you can run ResizeEnable only when and if you need it.

[Via Lifehacker; also thanks to reader Deofmovestofca for writing to let me know about this program].

Version Tested: 1.4

Compatibility: WinAll; no info on Vista.

Go to ResizeEnable page to download (approx 42K).