Resize images with Photo Magician, a stylish yet powerful image resizing program


So many images to resize, and such little time; but at least you can do it with a stylish, free program that is a delight to use.

Photo Magician manages to deliver the near impossible: a wide range of functions and power under the hood, coupled with an interface design that makes you want to use it.

Photo Magician supports saving profiles for quick access of frequently used settings, as well as a quick convert mode via dragging and dropping image files onto a ‘drop zone’.

My wife recently needed a simple free app that would resize images from her digital camera. She searched this site, naturally, but nothing jumped out that was straightforward yet simple to use. I therefore set out to find something that I could recommend out of hand, and found this.

Photo Magician screenshot1Photo Magician screenshot4

PROS: what I like about this program

  • An excellent interface: simultaneously simple, functional, and feature rich
  • The Dropzone: with drag and drop support, for quick image resizing in batch.
  • Profiles: you can create a profile with your frequently used settings, and save it for later use.
  • Command line support: can be run from the command line
  • Simple image manipulation: is possible, such as flipping or rotating, or applying a handful or color filters.

Photo Magician screenshot2Photo Magician screenshot3

The verdict: if you want a good, user friendly image resizing program then check out Photo Magician; you will not be disappointed.

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll

Note on installation: will offer to install potentially unwanted bundled software during the install process. Make sure to unselect these or check ‘do not install’ if you do not want them.

Go to the program home page to download (~2.187 megs).