Resophnotes: take notes quickly on your desktop, then access them in the cloud on other devices or computers


Resophnotes is a free note taking software that syncs with the “SimpleNote” cloud-based note taking service.

This means that your notes from Reshopnotes can be accessed from multiple computers and devices (including the iPhone via this free app). Resophnotes can also be used portably from a USB drive.

This software is designed for simple, quick note-taking and is organized via a tagging system rather than a hierarchical (outline) structure.

This software is similar to some other note-taking apps previously posted on this site (simple, tagging), but different in one important respect: it syncs with cloud service “SimpleNote” and, consequently, can broadcast and share your notes across multiple computers or devices such as smartphones and tablets, etc.

Here’s a list of PROS and CONS:


  • Syncs with SimpleNote cloud service: instantly, as soon as you edit or add a note.
  • Organized via tags: you can associate your notes with multiple tags simultaneously, and create them on the spot (and they will instantly sync with SimpleNote).
  • Imports notes from other sources: text files, CSV files (including Outlook, Toodledo).
  • Offers some interesting features:
    • Quick note email option: email your note (using the default email client) with a single click.
    • Internal note linking: via [notename] – i.e. brackets with the name of the note inside them
    • Sort notes: by title or last modified date.
  • Minimizes to the system tray: and stays in the background, for quick access when needed. You can (optionally) set a hotkey combination to quickly invoke the program in a single click.
  • Very light footprint: approx 12 megs in memory
  • Quick Search: searches contents, not just tags (and is really very cool). Flitering by tag(s) is also available, as you might imagine.
  • Can be run portably: from a USB drive. Download the portable version if this is what you want.


  • Allows for multiple instances to be running simultaneously: which is strange, and hopefully will be fixed in a future release.
  • No rich text options (no font styling, pasting of images, etc.). Which really is no big deal, as from my experiences these aren’t very practical anyway. Could be construed as a ‘pro’.
  • No outline/hierarchical structure: which I know some people like; however, omitting this and keeping things simple can also be considered an advantage (I personally do not care for a hierarchical structure).

The verdict: a very nice and simple notes app that can help you put your notes everywhere you need them simultaneously (i.e. in the cloud), all the while keeping things clean and simple.

If there’s anything I could wish for it would be for tooltips in the ‘settings’ page, that might explain the various options. Otherwise I really like and recommend it.

[Thanks to reader Phil for letting me know about this program in the notes section of my Freeware Top 30 post]

Version Tested: 1.1.7

Compatibility: WinAll. You may need to download MS Visual Studio 2008 runtime library.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 7.46 megs).