RightLoad adds an entry to your explorer context menu that can be used to quickly upload files to your ftp server (or servers) straight from Windows explorer.

It will also automatically generate a list links to the uploaded files that can be easily copied into your post or website.

I upload a lot of images, WordPress plugins, and other random files to my site, and whenever I need to do so I always find it a bit more work that it should be (even when I really like Filezilla my default FTP client). Which is why I’ve been looking for something like this program for some time now.

From the get-go let me state that I really like RightLoad, for the following reasons:

  • The interface: the right-click context menu is really elegant, and employs a tree structure to get you to your desired folder (see screenshot).
  • Pre-defined directories: allows you to pre-define all the directories you need that you would typically upload files to. It will also allow you to simply type the name in.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation: can optionally create and upload a thumbnail for you whenever you upload an image; you can set the default maximum pixel height and width in the settings, as well as whether or not to add a frame.
  • Multiple servers: allows you to define multiple servers that are easy to access from the context menu. This is nice to have if you work with multiple websites and/or servers.
  • Generates links: to your files after it is done uploading them, which you can use in the body of your post or website.

More info on RightLoad:

  • Set Master Password: this will prompt RightLoad to encyrpt your login info and ask for a password whenever it is asked to upload.
  • Other options: you can use passive mode with FTP servers, set default action when uploading a filename that already exists (skip, overwrite, rename, or ask), create log file (or not), and set auto close when finished uploading.
  • SFTP: supported but labeled “experimental” in this version. Note that i did not test this.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better):

  • Support for more image formats: namely PNG. I was surprised that it did not ask me if I wanted to create a thumbnail when I uploaded a PNG file (like it did with a JPG).
  • Ability to set the naming convention for thumbnails. Currently, RightLoad adds the suffix “_thumbnail” to the image name, but it would be nice if you could set your own rule (e.g. “_preview”, etc.)
  • Ability to detect subfolders: within a folder that is defined in the favorites, rather than having to type-in the name of the folder.

The verdict: I looked at a few similar programs and RightLoad was the one I liked the most; the bottom line is that this a great little freeware program that is well designed and works like a charm. If you work with websites a lot this program will make your life a lot easier, and you will love the ability to right click and upload your files without any visible login (unless you set a master password of course).

Version tested: 0.8

Compatibility: Windows 9x/2k/XP/VISTA.

Go to download page to get the latest version (approx 1.07 megs). Also visit the program home page.