Ripit4me is a program that works with either DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink to rip copy protected DVD’s onto the hard drive.

It acts as a front-end for those other ripping programs and will not do the ripping itself; RipIt4Me’s added value is that it enables these programs to handle stronger copy protections that some newer DVD’s come with, such as ARccOS and RipGuard DVD.

RipIt4Me can also adjust the ripped DVD files into better DVD compliance — I’m not sure exactly what that means but I know that in some cases this will enable you to fix an issue where burned DVDs would have problems working on a standard DVD player even when they play just fine on the computer.

It’s a good idea to use this program even if you’ve been happily using DVD Decrypter to rip your DVDs, as the creator of that software has stopped all development on it. RipIt4Me will help  DVD Decrypter keep up to date with newer protection mechanisms.

RipIt4Me is very easy to use; ripping a DVD will not take more than 3-clicks or so, and the interface is very intuitive.

Note: this program does not have an installer; simply unpack and place in the right place. Go to preferences to make sure it knows the correct paths to the programs it needs.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

Version tested:

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. of the program here.