Robosizer automatically resizes images you email or upload, and makes them internet friendly


If you’re uploading a lot of images to Facebook, email, IM, or photo sharing sites, you know how important it is to resize them first, so as not to glut your recipient’s inboxes with huge files, and not to waste a lot of needless time and bandwidth uploading impractically large files.

With Robosizer, you need not think about this at all. The free app, which lives in the background silently and detects any image uploading activity that you may be attempting across a wide variety of applications (most browsers, email clients, and IM clients), and automatically resizes them to an optimal, user-defined size and quality.

How to use this software:

Install and run, then set it up (see setup screenshot below left). Note that there is more than one profile, and you can create as many as you like. Next, right click on the Robosizer system tray icon and select the active profile you want (see screenshot below right).

RoboSizer Screenshot1

Next, use one of the supported programs to upload a large image, and you will see a bubble notification in the system tray showing you the image resizing process in real time (see the top screenshot above).

RoboSizer Screenshot2RoboSizer Screenshot3

Supported programs: all 5 major browsers and some variants (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari), most major IM clients, most major email clients (including Outlook). See the screenshot below if you want more details.

RoboSizer Screenshot4

The verdict:

The average computer user is uploading images at an ever increasing rate, so imagine how many man-hours of image resizing would be saved by having this program automatically resize images in the background.

But the take-home message is this: Robosizer does what it promises and does it well. The option to create profiles ad-hoc and switch between them quickly from the system tray is quite convenient if you need it, although I suspect most users will choose one that works for most things (such as the simple 800px, 80K medium size image) and stick with it.

This program used to be payware but just turned freeware, and we at Freewaregenius are quite grateful for it. (Get the name and serial number to use for registration from the program page or from the text file in the downloaded zip file).

Get Robosizer here (Windows, 32 bit and 64 bit. Note that the serial for registering the app is provided for free).