Rooms is a free point & click flash puzzle game where the goal is to find a way out of a mansion set in some sort of alternate reality. The game can be downloaded or played online in the browser.

In Rooms, your objective is to guide your character (a Keanu Reeves lookalike replete with a long black coat straight out of the Matrix) as you try to find a way out of a mansion which looks like it belongs in Sherlock Holmes’ victorian England.

The mansion is made up of rooms that can be traveled through as well as moved around, sliding-puzzle style. Each stage consists of a handful of rooms that have to be arranged and navigated such that your character can get to the exit.

But there’s more; finding your way to the exit in each level is just one part of your mission. The other part consists of a sort of meta-puzzle, whereby the arrangement of the rooms for each level you complete is in itself part of a larger puzzle.

There are a handful of object that you encounter along the way that you can use, including newspapers for information, keys for opening doors, telephones for teleporting across tiles, and a few others. There are only a handful of these, which makes for a good, streamlined gaming experience (you pretty much know what object you need for which task).

The production values in Rooms are very high, with a lot of attention paid to the visuals and the music. More importantly, it is also a very playable and engaging game that can provide hours of quality entertainment.

Note: There are 3 versions of this game; a high-quality 30 meg download, a lower quality compact version that is 16 megs, and a browser version.

Version tested: 1.25

Compatibility: This is a cross platform Flash game (WinAll, Mac, Linux, and others).

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