Rotate PDF’s at a single click, with ‘PDF Rotator’


Ever created or received a PDF file, only to find that it misaligned on your screen and has to be rotated? Alternately, what if a PDF document is put together such that some of the pages in the middle are rotated and out of step with the other pages.

If you need a quick and simple FREE program to rotate PDFs then check out PDF Rotator, which can do if for your entire document or for specific pages.

Incorrectly rotated PDFs are very common, especially for documents that are created via scanner or from image sources. Of course, many PDF readers can rotate the pages for you as you are reading them, but most do not actually save the rotation and in any case if you are emailing documents off or creating documents in batch you want them to be properly aligned to begin with, which is where ‘PDF Rotator’ can be useful.

PDF Rotator Screenshot

How to use: drag and drop documents to the PDF Rotator dialog, select the rotation from the dropdown, and the page range you are interested in, and click ‘Rotate PDF Now’. Note, however, that they seem to have swapped the words ‘clockwise’ and ‘counterclockwise’, so if you don’t get the rotation you want then switch them around. Update: this has been fixed!

Rotating a PDF2

The verdict:

A nice tool, if you need it. Simple, but does the job, and works really well. I was somewhat annoyed that it by default wants to install in the root C:\ drive (which I changed to Program Files) (update: this has been changed).

This program is especially suitable for batch operations, where you can drag and drop multiple files and process them all at once, or for files where you do not want to rotate all the pages as it will accept a page range. However, if you only need to rotate a one-off PDF, check to see if your PDF viewer allows you to rotate and save. I know, for example, that my favorite PDF-XChange Viewer can do it.

Click to download PDF Rotator (Windows).