Run your favorite Android Apps and Games on your Windows or Mac with BlueStacks Beta


BlueStacks Beta is a great program for Windows and Mac OS that will let you run your favorite Android Games and Apps right on your desktop system. It’s totally free to download and use during the Beta phase of development, and very easy to get started.

I have an Android Tablet. My neighbor has an Android Tablet and an Android Phone. Another friend has two different tablets and an Android phone. One thing we all have in common is the desire to be able to access various Apps that we have found for Android that are either fun or useful or interesting.

However, there are occasional limitations. What if you want to play Angry Birds and your Android phone is dead? What if the Tablet is dropped into the pool? Whatever the case may be, you might need a way to run Android Applications or Games when your actual Android isn’t available. BlueStacks will come to your rescue, because it will let you run Android apps and games on your desktop running either Windows or Mac OS.


BlueStacks Screen 1
BlueStacks Screen 4

My first question about this program was: Will it work with my existing Android Market (Google Play) account? My second question was: Will it be able to emulate the right hardware for any app I want to run? The answer to the first question is far less complicated and, in a word: yes. It will work with your existing Android Market account. The best way I found to get it connected was to search for an app or game, and then it takes you to a faux browser just like on your actual Android, where you can sign in to your account and get access to any paid apps on your account. The alternative is to go into the menu, then settings, then account settings, then add account. Either way it won’t take long to accomplish. The second question is a bit more complex but the basic answer is yes, it does support just about any app out there. I wasn’t able to find an app that wouldn’t run on it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, just that they are few and far enough between that they aren’t noticeable.

BlueStacks Screen 6BlueStacks Screen 3

I can say as a downside, I noticed it wasn’t very good at multitasking, at least not on my laptop. One might think that a laptop, even a modest one like mine, would have more power and capability to multi-task than any Android device so I have to assume that the program itself just isn’t built to handle multi-tasking as efficiently as an actual Android device. However, this is a very small downside when you consider that it just slows down your usage, and doesn’t limit it otherwise. You may have to wait a while for a download to complete installation, but it will finish eventually and then you can run whatever app or game it is with impunity. Besides which, it will most likely be an issue that is fixed with future updates. A major advantage here is that you will presumably have more than enough storage space on your desktop system for apps and games, considering that space is a constant concern for most Android lovers.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

Overall, I found BlueStacks to be one of those rare programs that does just what it says, just what you expect it to do and does it pretty darn well. It’s a five star success in my opinion and as updates come out I look forward to seeing new features and fixes for any bugs that may have been found. Other than occasionally being a bit slow I didn’t find any problems or bugs with it, so I would put it on the top of your download list if you’ve ever had any desire to run Android apps or games on your desktop computer. Make sure you jump on the Beta since there’s no guarantee they will offer it for free once it goes to the next level of development.  Until next time, my friends.

Get BlueStacks here (Windows, Mac).