Samorost is a point and click flash adventure game. Since its release in 2003 it has become synonymous with the genre of point and click flash adventure games.

It also inspired a host of similar titles.

This game leaves a good taste in your mouth. Played entirely by clicking on objects with the mouse, the objective is to trigger a chain of events that enables your character to surmount obstacles and to progress further into the story.

The strength of this game, in my opinion lies in (a) the unpredictably wacky logic of the sequence of events that occur to take you further, and (b) the amazingly beautiful illustration of the game world and characters.

I might also add (c) general overall cuteness and a nice background story.

The protagonist is a small spritely character clad in white pajamas who peacefully inhabits his asteroid/planet/spaceship, floating happily in outer space. In this, the first installment of this game, our hero looks up into his periscope to discover another asteroid that is unwittingly travelling on a collision course with his own. He takes matters into his own hands, flying his little funky orange spaceship to the other asteroid in a bid to change its course and save both planets from certain destruction.

The secret to figuring out the solutions to each stage lies in hovering over every inch of the screen with the mouse in order to find which objects may be clickable; you’ll often be surprised.

Compatibility: multiplatform: this is a flash game played entirely in the browser.

Go to the Samorost page. Also check out Samorost 2 (only half that game is free though, but well worth it anyway). Also check out Amanita design’s site for more games and some cool flash animations.