Save and Restore your desktop icon positions with “Shock Desktop”


Shock Desktop is a program that can save the locations of your desktop icons and easily restore them if and when they change.

It allows for the creation of multiple profiles and includes a number of useful functions.

There are a number of programs that save and restore the locations of desktop icons, but I really like this one for the following reasons:

  • Profiles: Allows you to set any number of profiles. This can be useful if (a) you flip different resolutions on your display, and (b) if you would like different icon arrangements and not just a single, favorite one.
  • Tray icon operation: resides in the tray icon for quick access. Although there are a couple of functionalities that it offers if its running in memory (see below), you really only need it when you’re ready to restore icon locations. (You can switch auto-starting with Windows in the options).
  • Usage: Does not require switching off the ’align to grid’ option to perform. This is a strange requirement of some desktop-icon saving apps such as another favorite of mine, DIManagerX.
  • Hiding desktop icons (a.k.a interesting functionality#1): there’s an option whereby you can quickly turn desktop icons on and off from the system tray. (For me this comes in handy whenever I want to create screenshots for programs).
  • Shock Desktop - icons shining throughInteresting functionality#2: pressing a hotkey (CTRL-Q by default) will display icon locations through and over any Windows that might be covering them (see screenshot). A rather unusal feature, but seems like it could might come in handy.
  • Resource use: is at around 12 megs memory, which is not too much for this sort of app (DIManagerX uses up approx 9 megs). Having said that it seems to me like it could be smaller.

But does it work with virtual desktop programs?: (my favorite Dexpot for example). My guess is that it would, but I haven’t tested it. Please let us know in the comments forum if you find out.

The verdict: a very nice program from creator of Shock Sticker (my favorite desktop notes program) and Shock Aero. Recommended.

Version tested: 1.25

Compatibility: Windows XP, 2000, 2003; no info on Vista

Go to the download page to get the latest version (approx 800K). Also visit the program page.