‘Save The Day’ provides frenzied, console-style gameplay in your browser


Do modern humans require increasing amounts of frenzied stimulation with every passing day? If so, then ‘Save The Day’, a cute, FREE, HTML5-based game playable in the browser will hit the  proverbial spot for many people. The good news: ‘Save The Day’ is cute, frantic, and non violent, in the sense that you are out to save people and the only thing you shoot is water to put out fires.

You command a tiny 10-seat chopper whose mission is to fly around a volcanic mountain and save as many people as possible before the inevitable eruption.

Powerups can be found or purchased (with virtual, not actual money) and can provide you with various improvements such as faster speed, better shields, and (strangely) more time before the mountain erupts. ‘Save The Day’ employs the usual achievement-based rewards and unlocking of items that we’ve come to expect in many of today’s games.

Okay, so it’s not the most original or revolutionary game in the world, but it’s quite well done and easy to get in and out of, and to be honest I kind of prefer casual games over high commitment ones. I also like that I share this game with my 10 year old son without it being violent and involve shooting people.

Save The Day Screenshot2

On the negative side: ‘Save The Day’ can be a bit too repetitive, and the same level repeats over and over. It would be nice if they had a larger variety of levels built into the game.

Save The Day Screenshot1

The key to success involves knowing how the game works, and knowing what the powerups do. The game dynamic can be summarized somewhat like this: racking up higher scores means progressing into higher ‘hero levels’ and unlocking better powerups and abilities. This means that you should invest your attention as much into collecting gems (mostly hidden under fires, which you have to put out), as you would invest attention saving stranded humans.

You can play this game as a ‘guest’ register for a free account to save your progress/high scores.

Check out ‘Save The Day’ here.