Share bookmark lists and save webpages offline, with Blinklist


Blinklist is a great free way to save webpages offline for later reading and to share them with others. You can save pages into lists and access them on your own unique webpage from any internet capable computer or device.

There are more ways to organize Internet bookmarks than there are fish in the sea, it seems, but Blinklist is one way that offers some different features than the standard bookmark bar on your browser.

While it can be somewhat confusing to shift to blinking instead of bookmarking, it can also be very rewarding, if you’re open to new ways of doing things.

Blinklist lets you save URLs in lists that you can share publicly or with other users or groups, allows you to tag your links, and will provide you with your very own Blinklist webpage that you can access from any computer or mobile device. You’ve seen all of this before, but what you will not frequently see is this: Blinklist will actually save your webpages offline on your computer, allowing you to always find and read the content you seek.

Blinklist Screenshot

But Blinklist has ways to go before it can take on other services such as Pocket and Springpad. In some ways it borrows from both, combining the offline saving feature of Pocket with the list sharing and tagging aspects of Springpad.  Blink’s distinct URL is a nice feature and, unlike the two other services mentioned, it seems to envision itself as a replacement to the bookmarking function rather than a ‘Read it Later’ service that is Pocket or the content-curating/management service that Springpad wants to be.

One major drawback, though, it the absence of mobile (iPhone/Android) apps. Yes you can simply use your mobile browser to view your Blinklist page, but this is not quite on par with the Pocket app, for example, which can download your pages for offline web reading only when your device is has access to WIFI (as an example). Still, a worthy contender that we hope will get even better.

Check out Blinklist.