ScaryGirl is a delightful little point and click adventure game


If you love point-and-click adventure games then check out Scarygirl, a free, browser-based game that is very easy to get into and get the hang of the controls, and is moreover a delight to watch.

The story: ScaryGirl is “abandoned and washed up on a deserted peninsula”, and determined to “find the man behind her haunting dreams”.

Apparently just a typical teenager ;). Luckily for her, she has a giant green octupus guardian who gives her cryptic advice. Actually, she meets a host of characters who give her such advice.

ScaryGirl Screenshot1

Gameplay: you walk around and interact with people, collecting ‘fish’ to replenish your energy, and avoiding meanies. The key is to interact with characters who will give information that will be represented visually and ‘stored’ as an icon on the left side of the screen. Actually, these characters launch ScaryGirl on mini missions that, once completed, will unlock new levels. Along the way she will need to collect or build objects that help achieve certain tasks as well.

Saving your game: finding certain ‘portals’ will save your game. At some point, you will be given the option to create an account online, which can preserve your progress across sessions and across different computers.

ScaryGirl Screenshot2ScaryGirl Screenshot3

The verdict: I was attracted to this game’s beautiful visuals — did I mention that these are delightful? The game itself is fun to play and does not require a huge investment in time and energy to get into and play. Recommended.

Play ScaryGirl.