Schedule email reminders precisely when you want them with FollowUpThen


Do you frequently send yourself email reminders about things to do or want to be reminded of? Most people do, but wouldn’t be even better if these emails could be scheduled to arrive right at the moment that you need them?

Or imagine how great it would be if your follow up emails would be sent to you as well as others people who may involved in a certain thread or email correspondence? This is precisely what web service FollowUpThen allows you to do, totally free.

FollowUpEmail Screenshot2

Five great things about this service:

  1. FollowUpEmail Screenshot1You can determine exactly when you want the follow-up email to come. This is done by customizing the email address itself, using the format [email protected]. Some examples:  5minutes (i.e. [email protected]), 2hours, 3days, 4weeks, 5months, 6years, tomorrow, nextweek, nextmonth, mar30, 2010-05-30, 11am, 1132am, 1500, tomorrow9am 12pmAug25.
  2. You can request recurring reminders: e.g. [email protected], everymar30,
    every1st, every15th etc.
  3. You can request a followup for everyone on an email thread: having follow up emails come from an automated source can cast an aura of professionalism, and circumvent a potential ‘nagging’ factor that can be the case if you send the emails yourself. (Note: a BCC on an email thread means that only you get the follow-up).
  4. It can use your company name in the follow up emails: hopefully infusing the transaction with some professionalism.
  5. Easily postpone: via links in the received email (see top screenshot, in the blue-ish box on the right).

Differences between free and paid versions: the paid versions allows for SMS reminders and more customization options

The verdict: a wonderful service.

Go here to sign up.