‘Screenshot Captor’ gets even better!


Ever used a program that was so great in so many ways, yet lacked one single, simple, seemingly insignificant feature that just frustrated and baffled you? Well, that was kind of how I felt about Screenshot Captor, a free screenshot-taking program which might well be the best of its kind, in that it didn’t provide a simple magnifying glass when you manually select a region to of the screen to capture.

No biggie, but often left me wishing it weren’t so. The good news: this week my wishes were finally answered; the author just released a version update that added this function (see screenshot above) and a handful of others.

I am quite happy about this development, but also grateful that the developer took the time to address an issue that I raised in my original review of this program; I quote “I want you to know I really took [the review] to heart and it was the primary reason i just finished 8 hours of coding to add that feature:. So, thanks go to Mouser of DonationCoder for all his hard work (and also for a very good implementation).

Screenshot Captor new feature 1

Want to know why this program is presumably so good? then check out my original review of Screenshot Captor.

Go here to download the latest version of Screenshot Captor (Windows). Note that you will need to register with DonationCoder with a valid email to get your free registration code.