SE-Screensaver: an interesting, multi-themed free screensavers collection


SE-Screensaver is a free collection of screensaver themes packed inside a single installable screensaver file.

Themes include several variations on the famous “The Matrix” screensaver, a 2D slideshow that can point to an image directory on your hard drive, animated fractals, analogue and digital clocks, kaleidoscopes, amoebas, snowfall, fractal trees, and others.There are nine different themes in all, many of which have several mini variations.

I rarely feature screensavers on Freewaregenius, but I like the idea of a single screensaver packed with a wide variety of themes. The various screensaver themes on offer here have one thing in common in they are all generally very well made.

My top three screensavers from this collection are as follows:

  1. Thumb-Trees-Image3Growing Trees: this one initially seems to be, well, not that interesting, because the trees actually take a very long time to render, but the results are awesome. Works really well if you leave your computer for a very long time and come back and see a little forest (the trees they remind me of Dyson, a game that I reviewed a while back).
  2. 2D slideshowSlideshow 2D: although there are many screensavers that do this sort of thing (e.g. previously reviewed Photojoy, or even a built in screensaver in Windows Vista/7), this one is a nice implementation. It has thumbnails scrolling across the bottom of the screen while one of them randomly drifts upwards into full prominence.
  3. Matrix-SlowMotionThe Matrix-style screensaver themes and variations. what can I say I loved the movie “The Matrix” and have always been a sucker for this kind of Matrix-style screensaver. There are a number of interesting variations on the theme, including flying over a Matrix-style landscape.

Wish list (or how these can be even better)

  • More settings: I found myself wishing that there were more settings for some of these, such as the ability to make some of them run faster, multiple image folders for the 2D slideshow, etc.
  • Randomizing the screensavers used: I wish it were possible to, say, check the screensavers I wanted from the collection and have those rotate randomly each time the screensaver kicked in.

The verdict: SE-Screensavers offers a nice collection of robust, interesting screensavers. If you’re into this sort of thing by all means check it out.

Version Tested: 1.91

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 1.2 megs).