Search all your online services at once with CloudMagic


CloudMagic is a free program and web site that allows you to connect your various services like Gmail and Twitter, and search for anything you need.

It searches all the services you have registered, at one time, and it does it so fast you really will believe it is magic.

CloudMagic is available for both Windows and Macs, iOS and Android, as well as an extension for most browsers.

Since I basically live in cyberspace, I’ve been looking for tools that can make my life easier and after.

These days there are so many programs and services that it can become a mammoth task to search for a single item that you know is there somewherebut you cannot recall exactly where.

CloudMagic Screenshot

For example, you may be searching for a particular photograph that you know is on one of your accounts; that is, your Twitter account, Gmail account,  Microsoft exchange account, etc.  Trying to search through each account individually can be both time consuming and frustrating.  Not only that, but the possibility always exists that what you’re looking for may not actually be where you think it is.  CloudMagic allows you to search through all your accounts at one time with one entry.  It is such a simple program it makes me wonder why such a thing has not existed before.

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To use CloudMagic you will need to begin by setting up an account.  This is a simple process that takes less than a minute.  Once you have done so you can then begin adding different services to your account.  Currently CloudMagic supports only a few different kinds of accounts, most of them related to Google in one way or another.  You can attach your Gmail, Google docs, and other Google services.  CloudMagic also supports Twitter, as well as Microsoft exchange accounts.  It can even search through the text of any saved Gtalk conversations you may have! Now, this may not seem like very many services but bear in mind that CloudMagic is a fairly new program and, in my opinion, there will undoubtedly be more services supported later.  Even so, being able to search through all of those accounts at one time is a major boon to anyone who needs to save time and effort in the search for any particular item.  Personally, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need to save some time and we can all use a chance to avoid headaches.  CloudMagic offers all of this absolutely free.

CloudMagic Screen 4CloudMagic Screen 5

One of the really nice things about CloudMagic is how fast it is, as well as how easy it is to use.  Anyone who is familiar with Google or Yahoo or another search engine will be instantly familiar with some acid of searching through your different services connected to CloudMagic.  It is as simple as clicking on a search bar and typing in what it is you’re looking for.  In fact, you will notice that results begin to appear before your it even done typing in most cases.  So, CloudMagic combines ease of use with fast efficiency.

CloudMagic Screen 6
As an example and the test I chose to connect my accounts from Gmail and Twitter, and then search for anything with my son’s name it in it.  When I type in the word “William” CloudMagic searches through all of my Gmail as well as all of my Twitter tweets.  As you can see from the screen shot not only did the CloudMagic find all of my emails containing the specified word, it also discovered all of my tweets with that same word, as well as pulling it up contact information for the name “William” from my Google account.  CloudMagic also supports various advanced search options, like “from”, “file name” or “subject” that can radically reduce the number of errors when you’re searching for a very specific item.  You can also choose to search through just one type of service or sub service.  For example, you can choose to search through everything connected to your CloudMagic account, or you can choose to search just in your documents, or just in your emails, or just in your contacts.  This is handy if you have a general idea of where the item you want is but you may not be entirely certain.

CloudMagic Screen 2

CloudMagic is also available for mobile devices.  For iPhones and the like you can get it from the iTunes apps store, and for Android devices you can get it at Google play.  Adding a mobile application or mobile version automatically increases the value of any program, be it freeware or retail software. There is also a Chrome extension, that will connect CloudMagic directly to your browser so that you can use it while you are looking at other pages if you need to.  The Chrome extension has a handy and effective three step tutorial as well, that will teach you how to use it quickly. There are also extensions for Safari and Firefox.

Overall I found CloudMagic to be very easy, very useful, and of the same high quality as the Google search engine itself.  Given the fact that it is totally free, as well, this is a very high value program in my opinion. Therefore, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save themselves time and headaches when searching through various different services for one item.  Until next time, my friends.

You can get more info on CouldMagic in their handy FAQ here.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for tipping us off about this service].

Check out CloudMagic for Mac or Windows here. Get CloudMagic for iOS here and for Android OS here.