Search Google Drive from the Chrome address bar with OmniDrive


If you use Google Drive extensively and have a lot of items stored in there, you may be delighted to learn about a great, easy way to add Google Drive search functionality right into your browser.

OmniDrive is a handy free Chrome extension that allows users to search for items present in their Google Drive from the Chrome address bar. It makes searching for files in Google Drive really simple and you don’t even have to open Google Drive to do so.


The very first step is to navigate to the Google Chrome extension link for OmniDrive and install it on your Google Chrome browser. Once installed, all you have to do is type “Drive” in you Google Chrome’s address bar and press tab. It will open a new tab where you will be asked to login with your Google account and grant OmniDrive permission to access your account.

If you want, you can even press space bar as well to search Google Drive and hit enter after entering the document or file name; it will open the results in the same page showing you all the files with the similar keyword.


Our Verdict

OmniDrive is a very handy extension for Google Chrome that can ease the process of working with Google Drive. You can search for your files without having to open Google Drive in your browser. Of course, you could always search from the Google Drive menu, but searching from the address bar is faster and is so much cooler and easier.

Are you a Google Drive user who gave OmniDrive a try? Feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

Download OmniDrive (Google Chrome exntesion).