Secure your online identity and personal info, with OneID


Do you worry about the security of our online information online? If so, you might want to take check out OneID is a new concept in the realm of online security that offers a trifecta of protection in a way nothing else does, requiring you to get your computer, your mobile device, and your cloud information all in on the security process.

It offers NSA level protection of your information by keeping your identity under your control, instead of putting it in someone else’s hands. Best of all it does this for free!

One part of the OneID pages tells us that it is much like a submarine trying to launch a missile; it requires multiple authorizations from two disparate locations (like two keys more than two arms length apart) to access, and OneID works the same way. It does this, however, without ever using a username and password, so you won’t have to remember them (or forget them and retrieve them!) no matter what!

OneID ScreenShot00320

OneID will store your information in an encrypted format, so that no one can see it at all except for you, not even the people who take care of the server that it is stored on. The encryption used is a 256-bit, which is the same level of encryption that the National Security Agency uses for sensitive information on their computers.

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That’s impressive enough, in itself, I suppose, but OneID takes it a step further. OneID will let you fill in pages automatically to make purchases, using that secure information and entering it for you in the forms, which takes a lot of mouse clicks and keystrokes out of the equation. That’s most definitely a boon to those of us that do a lot of online shopping.

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OneID’s multiple verification system is the thing that I found most impressive, however. It basically works like this: If you go to make a purchase online using the card information you have stored in the OneID system, you will have to use your mobile device (Android and iOS both supported) to verify that you wish to make that purchase. The information between your purchase page and your mobile device is compared to the information in the OneID system and the purchase goes through if it all matches up and checks out. Essentially, you are adding a level of protection that is brand new to your online information and purchases. They also allow you to add and remove or suspend devices from your verification list, so if you lose your cell phone, for example, you can remove it from the system and make sure no verification requests will go to it.

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The verdict:

This program blew me away, honestly. It is a fairly revolutionary idea, to me, and I was impressed by the implementation and how easy it is on the end-user (me) compared to many other similar programs I have used. Most of them just seem to add to the process and frustration of shopping online but OneID actually makes it easier, faster, and more secure. To me, that’s the whole package and exactly what I want in a security program. This is one I will be using personally from now on. Try it!

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