Secure your WIFI connection wherever you are, with ‘WIFI Protector’


Do you worry that your WIFI borne personal information will be intercepted? Are you concerned with the security of unsecured WIFI networks that you use at coffee shops and other ‘public’ venues? If so, WIFI Protector may be the answer to your paranoia prompted prayer for protection.

It provides encryption for all the data you send and receive when connected to a WIFI network, whatever you are doing on it. It also provides you with a different IP address. It installs fast and easy, costs nothing, and runs quietly in the background.

If you use WIFI internet very often then you’re probably familiar already with the difference between a secured and unsecured WIFI connection. For those that aren’t aware, the basic difference is that an unsecured connection allows for far easier access to the information transmitted across it, for those with nefarious motive. There are a myriad of reasons to want to protect the information that goes through your WIFI, and to protect yourself when online, and that’s what WIFI Protector (aptly named) does.

WiFi Protector ScreenShot00246

WIFI Protector uses encryption to ‘scramble’ or encode your information and data before it goes out from your system. It offers three things to secure and protect your WIFI connection: Intrusion detection, WIFI security settings scans and VPN protection. It will protect you while you surf the net using 256 bit encryption, which is the same level of security most banks use. That makes it nearly impossible for anyone else to read it, much less use it. The program is designed to scan your system and let you know of possible problems in the security of your current WIFI connection, as well as letting you know about your history. For example, one of the data points it delivers on the main screen is how many of the WIFI connections in your history were unsecured. This gives you a good idea of the general security level of the places you normally visit to use WIFI. Little additions like this are what makes WIFI Protector a competitive product in the realm of free software. It will also allow you to avoid messing with VPN by offering an IP change when you activate the security options. The interface is simple and easy to use, with no confusing buttons or menus.

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The program is ad-supported, which means you will see some advertisements as the price for the program. There is, of course, an option to purchase a key to eliminate the ads, but that’s not required at all. This is a con, in the sense of a downside, but it is the nature of the beast. Ad supported software is often of higher quality than freeware that has no ads or any other means of support, but it can annoy some folks so it’s up to you. Personally, I found that the ads were not intrusive or annoying to me, personally.

All in all, I was pretty darn impressed with WIFI Protector because it is one of those rare free programs that does just what it says it does, and does it quite well in a professional package. To me, that’s worth the price tag of any bit of freeware, wouldn’t you agree? Until next time, my friends.

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