See the world for free with GoogleSightseeing


Do you enjoy travel but can’t get out and about as much as you’d like? Would you love to see places that others have talked about but can’t afford to visit the Balkans in winter? If so, GoogleSightseeing may be just what you’ve been looking for the scratch that exploration itch for free, without having to leave your house!

Now, the first thing to mention here is that, according to the site itself it is not in any way affiliated with Google. How, then, can they be called GoogleSightseeing? Well the short and simple answer is that they get their information mostly from Google and combine Google services in one spot to give you a comprehensive virtual travel experience. That’s the short simple explanation and it is the only one we’re using here.

What does GoogleSightseeing let you do? Essentially, it is a site that will let you view nearly any place in the world in a virtual way and learn more about that location without ever leaving your home (or where ever you happen to be using your computer) at all.

GoogleSightseeing ScreenShot00228

The site is set up almost like a digital newspaper, with new stories and information being posted on the ‘front page’ all the time. For instance, around Feb. 2, the front page had a story about Groundhog Day, and showed a number of ‘sight’ photos showing where the movie of the same name was filmed. If you’d rather go someplace specific instead of just reading what’s on offer, however, you can type your search in and be whisked away to it immediately.

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Along the top of the page there are numerous other data options like Street View or Countries. Each of these sections has much to offer and is organized according to the data within them. Countries, for instance, will let you pick and choose anywhere you want to go, starting with the broadest geo-definitions. For instance, you can start with Africa, then select Egypt, and you’ll find yourself looking at the latest interesting view of Egypt. This can include all kinds of things like news items or even social stories. It also included detailed information (including visuals) of the most famous and popular spots in that particular location (the Pyramids, for instance). The other categories work in a similar manner, with varying focus points. The entire site is set up with easy navigation in mind and doesn’t overwhelm one with useless links or confusing menus either.

The wealth of information available on pretty much any location is constantly growing on this site and if the momentum they are gathering continues they will soon rival many of the other ‘big’ sites that give travel type information about destinations. With so much ground to cover, however, it may be a little while before you find your own backyard being discussed on the front page (unless there’s a crop circle in it or something) of GoogleSightseeing. Until next time, my friends!

  • Check out GoogleSightseeing here.