Send a free, personalized message from Santa for the Holidays


Sending a personalized message to your children, friends and other family members is a fun way to celebrate the Holidays. There are a lot of fun and free ways to do this on the internet these days.

Three of my favorites are: Google Santa,, and

Google now offers a great video card or audio message from Santa. Send a call from Santa allows you to input your child’s name as well as some of their preferences so that Santa can deliver a personalized message to them.

The most fun is the video message, which features an animated Santa that invites the viewer into the north pole and discusses the coming Christmas.

Google Santa Screen 1 Google Santa Screen 2
The personalization options offered range from your child’s name, favorite food, and preferred activities. One of the major pros to the Google site is that the video or audio message produced has a real voice speaking as Santa the whole time, whereas some other sites use a computer generated voice that is rather impersonal. The downside to this is that the selections for the Santa voice to speak are limited. Even so, there is a pretty decent range of options and if Google continues to add to it in the coming years, there will be a substantial list of options relatively soon. It’s worth noting, as well, that Google’s Santa service has selections for people other than children. You can send a message to your girlfriend, your aunt, your cousin, etc. There are lots of options, so it’s a good bet you’ll find one that works for you. This one is definitely at the top of my list for free Santa messages this year as best newSanta message.

Magicsanta Screen 1 Magicsanta Screen 2 offers a pretty nifty Santa message service for free as well. Just as with Google, you’ll select different things about the recipient like whether they are a child or grownup, their favorite color and their current location. Also as with Google, there are a few humorous options for most of the categories. For example, you can choose the recipient’s location as “Alcatraz” or “The Bermuda Triangle” and Santa will make mention of it in his message. There is a list of names to choose from, and you can preview the way it will be pronounced. If the name you need isn’t on the list, Santa will just call the recipient “My Dear Friend”. One of the ways in which differs from Google’s Santa, however, is that you can add a photo of the recipient that will be shown in the video message. Another major difference is that the site asks if the recipient was naughty or nice, whereas the Google site just assumes the recipient was nice. Generally, Magic is the one I choose when the person I am sending it to is an adult but it is great for kids too. also turns out a live action video with special effects instead of an animated video. There are tons of options available so make sure you take your time and explore what’s on offer.

PortableNorthPole Screen 1 PortableNorthPole Screen 2

The third service I want to mention is This page offers much the same thing as the previous two that were mentioned but has some differences worth noting. First, PortableNorthPole offers an option to send a birthday message to the recipient as well as the Christmas message. Second is the option to either mention or not mention a specific gift in the video. The can be a great choice if they have been hinting at a particular gift they would like all year, or if you just want to dangle the possibility of a particular gift in front of them to watch them squirm in curiosity. It’s amazing how much fun this can be even with adults! Finally, PortableNorthPole offers the option to include up to three photos in their video message, as opposed to the two you can put in and zero for Google. Also, note that PortableNorthPole and MagicSanta both have mobile apps and Google can be accessed from any Smartphone so the mobile Holiday cheer is covered as well. PortableNorthPole even offers the option to purchase a high definition download version of the video message you’ve created, but that’s not in any way a requirement of using the free service.

These three are just some of the best ways I know to send a message from Santa on the internet for free. There are tons more out there so if these don’t work for you, don’t hesitate to try searching. Sending a message from Santa is a fun way to celebrate the Holidays and it works for kids and adults alike to show them you are thinking of them. Do yourself a favor this year, and instead of sending the same boring Christmas cards, try sending personalized messages from Santa!

Happy Holidays, my friends!