Send a torrent to anyone with Torrent2exe


Have you ever downloaded something from a torrent and wanted your friends who aren’t as tech-savvy as you to be able to do the same? I sure have. The solution: Torrent2Exe!

Torrent2Exe is a rather brilliant, simple (and free) way to send a torrent file to anyone who uses a computer. Whether they are familiar with torrents or not, this is a great way to share torrents in a simple, effective, pain-free way.

For you, the sender, the process is as easy as copying and pasting a link into a web form. For the receiver it’s as easy as opening a .exe file.

[Note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor B.C. Tietjens.]


First, go to Torrent2exe and review the page quickly. You’ll see that the whole process takes less than a minute. Find a .torrent link at any of your favorite sites or from your computer, and copy it into your clipboard, then paste that link into the first box of the Torrent2Exe page. Next, choose whether to make the .exe file small or normal size. The small size will have automatically download the torrent program for the user upon running the .exe. The normal size contains the torrent program already. I tried both and didn’t notice much of a difference in the actual size (less than a megabyte or two) so it really doesn’t matter unless the person you plan on sending it to has a dial-up internet connection (in which case they may have some trouble downloading any torrent at all anyway). In either case, the next step gives you a URL for the .exe file. You can copy this URL and post it on your blog or website, send it as a link in email, or save it into a text file for later use, whatever you want. Additionally, you can also choose to directly download the .exe file yourself and then send that in email, or post it on your website or blog or save it on your hard drive for later use.

The final step is to send the URL or the .exe file to your friend, tell them to run it, and then sit back and wait for them to thank you profusely for opening the world of torrents to them in the easiest way possible. I tried this with a number of different .torrents and didn’t have a problem with it at any time. The person I sent the .exe file to is barely computer literate but they didn’t have any problem either. Open the .exe and the program does the rest! It downloads the torrent program, (or starts it, in the case of the Normal size option) and then begins connecting to seeders and peers and downloading the .torrent’s contents. Simple, easy, painless. It’s so easy it amazes me that no one has thought of or implemented this before now!

Another option for this site and it’s wonderful .exe programs is to be able to download a .torrent file on a computer that isn’t your personal computer. I’m not suggesting you use it on a public computer but using a friend’s computer, for example, would be simple and easy, and allow you to utilize the fabulous world of torrents without installing a specific torrent client like Vuze or BitTorrent or uTorrent or any of the others.


This is the way I will be sending torrents to my friends and family from now on. Even for those of us who are familiar with torrents and their ways, this is a fantastic option for quick and easy use.

Visit Torrent2exe.