Send and receive SMS messages on your desktop PC or tablet, with Zipwhip for Android


Ever wished you could do an SMS exchange from your PC (or tablet) rather than your mobile? Not only could you take advantage of a full-fledged keyboard to type, but you also need not interrupt your work too much if you are on the computer anyway – or you could pretend that you are not texting if you’re at work 😉

Zipwhip is a free web service that can connect any real mobile number to your desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or iPad, provided that your mobile phone runs Android.

SMS and MMS notifications can appear on-screen on your computer or iPad or the web app can be accessed on any browser.

Aside from sending and receiving messages, Zipwhip can help manage your SMS messages, allowing you to search and view your history, delete or forward messages, etc.

Zipwhip Screenshot1Zipwhip Screenshot2
Note that this service is only for Android (don’t take this against them, as it is Android’s openness that makes this possible in the first place).

Four things I like about this:

  1. Setting up is a breeze. Once you register for an account and download the app, you can log in and your SMS’s will be broadcast to Zipwhip.
  2. You can use your own mobile number.
  3. You can use Zipwhip to SMS from anywhere, even if, say, you left your phone at home (assuming that you are logged into the Zipwhip app on your mobile and connected).
  4. Text messaging on the desktop is a lot more appealing. Especially if you, like me, are not a big texting fan. The interchange looks like an instant messaging conversation.

Two things I do not like about it:

  1. It didn’t import my contact avatars form my phone. Not sure why that is the case, especially when their website displays glorious technicolor contact photos.
  2. Adds a ‘Sent via Zipwhip’ signature to all of your messages. Which gets old after a while.

The verdict:

A very nice system, if you’re looking for this, or if SMS messaging is important to you in general.

If you try this and have an opinion you would like to share, please do so in the comments section. Also, if you know of something similar (and free) for iOS let us know.

Go to the ZipWhip page to sign up (Android).